We have an extensive range of frames:

If you receive full NHS help (eg children under 16 or 17-18 in full time education, Tax Credits, Income Support, Job-seekers Allowance, Pension Credit Guarantee) then we can provide frames at no cost - we have a good selection of both metal and plastic frames to choose from. If you want something outside this range then you simply pay the price of the frame you like.

Our vast selection of core range frames has something for everyone. Frames from £20-£100 including titanium (lightweight and hypo-allergenic) offer excellent value for money for quality and price.

The designer range includes Jimmy Choo, Silhouette rimless, Ray Ban, Fendi, Michael Kors, Nike, Diesel and others.


We offer both branded and unbranded spectacle lenses:

For those with full NHS benefits, free plastic lenses are given as standard. This can be distance, reading, both distance and reading, bifocals or even varifocals. If you want the lenses thinned down or to have any coatings (eg anti-scratch or anti-glare), or to have a branded lens then you only pay an upgrade fee, not the full lens price.

Anyone who pays full price for their lenses can also choose between branded and unbranded. The branded option tends to be most common with varifocals because they have a superior quality in design and coatings (although we rarely have complaints from the unbranded range). Varifocals are the the type of lenses where you are more likely to see the benefits of the extra quality.

Essilor, renowned for their quality, is the brand we use the most because they offer some of the best and easiest to get along with varifocal designs in the world. Their multi-coatings are also world-leading for scratch-resistance and ant-reflection/anti-glare (their Crizal Forte coating has a NO-QUIBBLE 2 year guarantee!). If you wish to have a different brand then we can also provide these lenses (eg Hoya, Nikon, Seiko and others).

If the branded lens prices are a bit too much then you can choose from our unbranded range. We have carefully sourced and selected these lenses from labs who have a good reputation and a long history of good quality products so if you decide to "go unbranded" you will still be getting a very good design of varifocal. Even our entry-level varifocal is digitally surfaced (one of the more modern designs) but at a great price.

Every varifocal comes with a 30 day free exchange. This means that if you don't get along with your varifocals you can return tham within 30 days and we will replace them either with bifocals or 2 pairs of lenses (1 distance and 1 reading). Thankfully, with the great choice of modern-design varifocal lenses available to us in this day and age, we rarely have to give this exchange.


We can also supply safety glasses, prescription swimming goggles, presription-insert wraparound sports frames from Adidas, dry eye glasses, clip-on sunglasses, tinted over-glasses (brilliant for keeping in the car) and branded (Ray Ban)/unbranded off-the-shelf or prescription sunglasses.