Contact Lenses

Contact lenses (CLs) are increasingly popular, mostly due to the fantastic materials available in nearly every prescription.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) and Soft are the 2 main categories of contact lenses. Of these, the soft category represents over 90% of all contact lens wear.

Disposable soft contact lenses make up most of these sales. We offer free trials for all disposable CLs.

Choose between:

Monthly - wear your CLs as many days in the month as you want, then dispose of them and start a new pair. Best value for money when wearing CLs most days of the week.

Fortnightly - same as monthly but dispose of the CLs after 2 weeks.

Daily - single use CLs, the same pair must not be worn more than once. Hassle-free due to no solutions being needed. This is the healthiest option because you will always be wearing a new CL. It is also the cheapest option when CLs are worn part-time eg fewer than 3 days per week.

We always encourage the most frequently disposable option you can afford because there is noticeably less risk with daily disposables than with monthly disposables.